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Embrace Technological Bliss

The all new SONATA embraces you with advanced technologies that prioritize your wellbeing. With its sensuously sporty exterior and driving dynamics, SONATA delivers a captivating experience. It embodies a smart, personalized approach, offering connectivity and convenience features that cater to today’s discerning drivers. No matter your lifestyle, SONATA is your gateway to a new realm of driving freedom and enjoyment.

Approaching Perfection

Every aspect of the Sonata is refreshingly new, yet the key touchpoints feel intuitive and familiar, fostering a sense of trust and confidence. The Sonata’s striking presence is a result of a harmonious blend of proportion, architecture, styling, and cuttingedge technology. Each curve and bend contribute to the car’s premium accent.

Your Personal Oasis of Comfort

Sonata seamlessly becomes an extension of you—a part of your being. Its seats cradle you, while gauges, controls, and pedals align perfectly with your eyes, hands, and feet, instilling a sense of complete confidence and control.

Make a Statement with Sonata

Sonata’s high style not only evokes emotions but also reaps high rewards through innovative design features like gradient hidden light technology—a true conversation starter that adds to Sonata’s allure.


Command the Drive

SONATA commands the road, instilling confidence and control in every driving scenario. Its nimble yet dynamic nature ensures a satisfying driving experience, whether cruising on the open highway or manoeuvring through city traffic. The steering is precise, the ride smooth—enabling you to rule the road.

Immerse in the Experience

Step into an engaging interior that pleases all the senses. The cabin is an elegant visual delight, radiating warmth and providing a luxurious tactile feel.